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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines want to return the most relevant results when people search for specific keywords. Hundreds of different things play a factor in rankings. The most important idea to keep in mind is that with Search Engine Optimization, the goal is to build authority in the eyes of the search engines. This is accomplished by steadily building links and creating unique content for the site.

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Long Term Traffic – Once a site becomes trusted by the search engines via SEO, the traffic gained by the authority is mostly perpetual. The traffic keeps coming, even after the SEO campaign stops, even though it might plateau or even slightly decline in some cases.
Cost Effective – Money invested in SEO provides great returns over time because after a certain point, the SEO campaign can stop, yet the traffic will continue, which would be money out of the pocket in a SEM campaign.
Referral Traffic Bonus – When performing SEO, from the articles to all the external links, many visitors find their way to websites by directly clicking the links which, although intended for SEO boosting, also lead them to your website.
“Upward spiral” SEO – This is one of our favorite benefits of SEO. Although authority is hard work to obtain, once it’s been established, it’s very much like an upward spiral. As people search for terms related to your industry, being in the top results means that more visitors discover, discuss, and link to your site, which only perpetuates your authority!

Keys to Success

Fresh Links – Above and beyond all other factors, backlinks (the amount of sites that link back to your website) are the most important factor in achieving high rankings in the eyes of search engine algorithms. For many people and businesses alike, this is a challenging task.
Fresh Content – Search engine spiders make it possible for search engines to know the age of content, and when they come across sites that haven’t been updated in a while, they algorithmically crawl the site less often. To ensure the best SEO results, rank for more keywords, and create more engagement from your visitors, having fresh content is key.
On-site Optimization – Despite content and links, the foundation of most SEO is the proper structure and conventions used in the web design, In other words, it’s not only what you say, but how you say it.

Our Approach

When working with clients, we begin by first learning as much as possible about them and their industry. This provides us with the foundation we need to start compiling a comprehensive keyword list to research. We also gather competitive intelligence from top online competitors. Once we understand the online landscape, we begin the process of creating a new blog site for the client. This blog site is already 100% optimized for the target keywords, and will serve as an asset in the SEO process. Once the blog is ready, the content creation and link building processes begin, which are perpetual (monthly) and mimic the natural acquisition of online authority. Another part of our work process is an on-site evaluation of the existing website, along with our SEO recommendations. All of our SEO service plans boil down to the on-going creation of content and links; the only difference is aggressiveness.

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